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About Us:

We provide a safe place for autistic adults to share and develop their skills. For the time being we meet one afternoon a week, but we would like to do more with suitable premises.

If you wish to know more about Talent Unlimited, please contact Jane Lynds at jane.lynds@hotmail.co.uk


Further Info:



About 1 in every 100 people is on the autism spectrum.




There are approximately 170,000 working age people in Milton Keynes, of whom 1.1% will be autistic.



According to the National Autistic Society, 50% of autistic adults have a learning disability, whilst only 15% are in full-time paid employment.



This means there are about 650 intellectually able autistic people in Milton Keynes, who are unable to support themselves because of their autism.


Talent Unlimited MK was set up in 2014 to respond to this need. The purpose of TUMK is to give adults with high-functioning autism the opportunity to develop their skills and talents in an appropriate, safe environment, and to sell their produce and skills through a website or elsewhere.

By giving them a place to go and be around like-minded people, we will relieve their social isolation and improve their mental health. By including them in the planning and running of the project, we’ll improve their interpersonal skills and decision making.

TUMK is led by a steering group of five people, one of whom has an ASD. We also have six members (with ASD) who meet monthly to discuss their projects and consult about the decisions of the steering group.

In the long term, we intend to have a permanent premises, which will be both a work space and a meeting place for our community. We plan to hire one full time member of staff to organise the group and assist our members with their projects.


Our Members Speak: